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Bat Guano Removal Get Bats Out

Austin TX Bat Guano Removal Specialists

Bats in your Austin Attic ?

Bat in your  Austin Home?

Austin’s  bat control,bat  removal, and bat prevention source!  ATX specializes in the  humane removal of any and all bat’s in all of  Greater Austin Texas.

We service all of Greater Austin Texas well trained & certified technicians by the nations fastest growing  franchise in the nuisance animal control industry, .

As a company we have been getting rid of bats longer then any other wildlife removal company  in the area. We are familiar with all aspects of bat netting, trapping, excluding but more importantly wee know how to keep them out and home both safe and livable in a reasonable amount of time.

We remove bat guano, the soiled insulation , sanitize your attic, treat for any related bat bug problems , and replace the attic insulation and bring it up to your current building code.

Bats and their co habitation in human living spaces can be serious. Many just consider the animal making the noise or that can be visibly seen but in the case with all wild animal conflicts the hidden mystery is always the diseases that they may be carrying now or that can show up later.

When bats occupy a home or attic they unfortunately leave behind their feces or guano and urine. Bat guano is no different then other fecal material it can spread a variety of diseases but the most common one mentioned is histoplasmosis.

We do bat control, bat removal, bat in attic, bats in attic, bats in chimney, bats in house, bat feces removal, bat guano removal, insulation replacement, & bat exclusions.


This is also known as Darling’s disease,is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasmacapsulatum. Symptoms of this infection vary greatly, but the disease primarily affects the lungs. Occasionally, other organs are affected; this is called disseminated histoplasmosis, and it can be fatal if untreated. Histoplasmosis is common among AIDS patients because of their lowered immune system.

For More on this please visit the link below from the Center for Disease Control

Bats  & Rabies

Also known as hydrophobia is a viral zoonotic neuroinvasive disease that causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in mammals. It is most commonly caused by a bite from an infected animal, but occasionally by other forms of contact. If left untreated in humans it is usually fatal. In some countries it is a significant killer of livestock. The rabies
virus makes its way to the brain by following the peripheral nerves. The incubation period of the disease depends on how far the virus must travel to reach the central nervous system, usually taking a few months. Once the infection reaches the central nervous system and symptoms begin to show, the untreated infection is usually fatal within days. In the beginning
stages of rabies, the symptoms are malaise, headache, and fever, while in later stages it includes acute pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitements, depressions, and the inability to swallow water (hence the name hydrophobia). In the final stages, the patient begins to have periods of mania and lethargy, and coma. Death generally occurs due to respiratory insufficiency.

For More on Info on Rabies

Our Travis Travis County Service Area:

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